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COPE Program

The Community of Parents Empowered (C.O.P.E.) program is designed to empower parents of sickle cell warriors and enhance the quality of life for their children. We achieve this by engaging the families in creative outlets that promote self awareness, self care and community building to strengthen the family support systems. 


COPE is a free program for families in Broward and Miami Dade county with children living with sickle cell under 18 years old. COPE offers workshops in Art & Music Therapy, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Advocacy and Crisis Management. These workshops are directed towards everyone in the family impacted by the effects of SCD. The program participants will learn valuable tools needed to strengthen their knowledge base and become better advocates for their overall health.

The COPE program started in September 2021 with 14 families from Broward and Miami Dade county.

Program was offered virtually and included Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Mindfulness and Community Building sessions. 

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