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Join the  "Be Informed" Movement

ASAP understands that being a part of the SCD community means that division cannot be an option. We need a stronger unity between the sickle cell community and the healthcare community. So we can fight together for better health care treatment, more education between caregivers and patients as well as the healthcare system. We aspire to be that voice. We hope that you will become an active participant in being that voice as well. Our voices will be heard when our actions empower them.


People living with sickle cell disease want to feel like their quality of life matters. They are not a walking death sentence but a walk of hope. We want to encourage the community to know their "sickle status" and get tested for sickle cell trait. We want those battling this chronic disease to be educated in transitioning from pediatric care to adult care. We want to address the psycho-social effects of this disease and how it affects not only the patient but the family as a whole. Our movement within the community will be felt with love, passion, dedication, and commitment. 


Will you decide to be a part of the "BE INFORMED" movement? We would love for you to come volunteer with our organization. 

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