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About ASAP

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Established in 2015 as a nonprofit organization with a mission to “change the narrative” around the challenges associated with Sickle Cell Disease, A.S.A.P. works to raise awareness, educate the community, and successfully advocate on behalf of SCD warriors suffering from this debilitating condition.

ASAP's mission is to change the narrative concerning sickle cell disease by bringing awareness and educating the community, advocating on behalf of sickle cell warriors, and bridging the gap between the medical community and sickle cell clients.


We are serving as a voice to the voiceless on a silent disease that needs to be spoken up for. 


We are striving to further education, research, patient treatment, awareness, and a universal cure. From many patients' point of view, there remains a lack of compassion, knowledge, and understanding within the medical community and general population concerning sickle cell disease. We want to bridge that gap with everyone. We can all be informed in creating a better quality of life for those battling this disease.


SCD is the most common genetic blood disorder here in the United States. It’s been over 100 years since the discovery of sickle cell disease.


SCD has been thought of as a disease that only affects one race when genetically it can touch any ethnic background. In actuality, SCD affects people of ancestry from Africa, South & Central America, Caribbean Islands, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. We are seeking out equal rights in treatment as those with any other chronic illness would receive. 



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